After 22 successful years, the founder and Managing Director from Bremen is leaving the international project development company.

Bremen/Kallinchen, September 30, 2019. Joachim Uecker, one of the founders of Energiequelle GmbH, is stepping down as Managing Director and is handing over his responsibilities to his long-term partner Michael Raschemann. They took this decision following careful consideration and announced it in the company some time ago.

There are no complicated reasons, but simply that it all ultimately evolved from a feeling. After a 4-month break, which Mr Uecker spent in Australia and New Zealand with his family, some small pieces of the puzzle both at Energiequelle and between Mr Raschemann and him had changed. And so the idea of handing over full control to his partner, who had already successfully taken over the reins during his absence, developed. 

His departure was originally planned for 2022 and will now be brought forward. Both founders feel this is the right decision.

“Such a step, or even separation, always entails sadness and melancholy of course. But the outlook for the next few years is very positive and promising, and I am delighted to be handing over a very sound business to my long-standing and also future friend Michael,” says 57-year-old Mr Uecker. Of course he will continue to be personally very committed to achieving a successful energy transition, but he will be also be more focused on his private life.

Friendship and successful business relationship since 1997
Mr Uecker and Mr Raschemann founded Energiequelle GmbH back in 1997. 22 years later, the company has 13 sites in Deutschland, France and Finland, over 250 employees and has developed and built more than 750 plants in the field of renewable energies – in addition to wind energy, photovoltaics, biogas, substations and stores.

The biggest milestone in their history was the planning of the first energy self-sufficient village in Germany. The 120 residents from Feldheim, one hour’s drive to the south west of Berlin, established an innovative energy concept together with Energiequelle and are 100 percent self-sufficient.

Glance into the future
The company’s project pipeline is nice and full, and there are ongoing builds in Germany, as well as in France and Finland. 48-year-old Mr Raschemann is therefore looking forward to his new duties, which he will now fulfil as sole Managing Director, with great joy and anticipation. “I will miss Joachim, as a colleague and above all as a person. Our collaboration was always one of respect and trust, and for that I am very grateful. I respect his decision and wish him only the best,” says the Brandenburg native.

In Joachim Uecker we bid farewell to an influencer, a visionary and a strong personality. He has made a considerable contribution to the success of Energiequelle. With great courage, dedication and the right decisions, today Energiequelle is a successful company characterised by humanity, honesty and fairness.

But we will be seeing him again by 2022 at the latest, because amongst the gifts he received at the summer party at the end of August in honour of his departure, there was a ticket to the 25-year anniversary celebration of Energiequelle.