Three Nordex N117 turbines with a total output of 9 MW were installed in Bourbriac 

Bourbriac/France, 9 May 2022.
In Bourbriac, France, located northwest of Brittany, the French Energiequelle subsidiary P&T Technologie, together with WindStrom France, commissioned a wind farm with three Nordex turbines. The N117 turbines have an output of 3 MW and will supply around 6,000 households in the future.

The project was developed together with WindStrom France and received approval in July 2019. P&T Technologie took on the construction and started work in May 2021. The electricity produced will be remunerated at 7.2 cents per kWh, which has been secured for 20 years. The forecast annual yield is approx. 32 million kWh.

Pierre Duchalais, who supervised the project on behalf of Energiequelle, is proud of the successful implementation: “I have only been with Energiequelle for a year and I am very pleased to have already led a wind farm to commissioning. The valuable cooperation with WindStrom France and my French colleagues from P&T contributed significantly to the success of this project.”

Uwe Schaum, President of WindStrom France, is also pleased with the commissioning: “During the long development phase, the project went through several stages of adaptation to local conditions, thus ensuring its optimisation. The involvement of the community and local residents was very important to us.”

With Bourbriac, Energiequelle has now installed a total output of 238 MW in France. Two more wind farms are still under construction this year. WindStrom France will also put two wind farms into operation this year and start building another wind farm with its own 225 kV substation.