The Brandenburg-based project developer installs eleven wind turbines with its subsidiary P&T Technologie. The wind farms are planned to start operation in 2020.

Kallinchen/France, September 2019. Last week, Energiequelle and its French subsidiary P&T Technologie started the construction of two wind farms, which consist of 11 wind turbines in total. Once the wind farms are finalized, Energiequelle has built 200 MW of wind power in France.

Successful start of construction after complaint proceeding
The La Chapelle-Glain project in the region of Pays de la Loire (one hour north of Nantes) received the necessary permits in 2016, but then had to go through an extensive complaint proceeding. In May 2018, the final positive decision on the permits was reached by the French Supreme Court and the implementation preparations could begin. The wind farm consists of five Enercon E-92 turbines with hub height of 84 m and a total output of 11.75 MW. ”The construction of roads and crane pads has started smoothly”, says Ronald Bach, Head of Department for international projects. This year, the turbine foundations will be finalized, after which the constriction of prefabricated concrete towers can begin. The commissioning of the wind farm is planned for the second quarter of next year.

Wind farm with different hub heights
The project Broons/Biterne-Sud is located in the department of Côtes d`Armor in northeastern Brittany and received its final approval in February of this year. The wind farm consists of six Enercon E-92 turbines with two different hub heights. Four turbines have a hub height of 104 m and the other two of 98 m due to the overall height limitation on the part of air traffic control. Again, prefabricated concrete towers will be built. The total output of the wind farm is 14.1 MW and it will be connected to the power grid of ENEDIS. The commissioning of the wind farm is planned for the third quarter of next year.

Further projects in sight
Energiequelle looks to a bright future in the French market. The development pipeline of the subsidiary P&T Technologie is well-filled and further projects are expected to be approved soon.