Project development

From the property to the finished plant: Energiequelle is your ideal partner for the design and implementation of renewable energy plants. Our experienced employees examine suitable site areas and work out the implementation of projects according to a proven project management system. The aim is to always achieve optimum sites for the best possible economic utilisation, while at the same time taking into account all nature conservation standards and statutory regulations. Because we care about the environment, we also develop compensation measures for the areas that are used.

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Andy Helbig

Head of Project Management

T +49 421 626 769 80

More than

wind turbines in Germany, Finland and France over 1350 MW

More than

photovoltaic plants in Germany, France, Spain and Italy 85 MWp


biogas plants in Germany 11 MW of electric power


high-voltage substations in Germany with 1800 MVA


energy storage facility in Germany 10 MW

Compensation to safeguard nature conservation

Any type of building project, be it access route construction or even the construction of wind farms, solar and biogas plants, constitutes an interference in nature and the landscape. According to the Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG), such impacts must be avoided. Energiequelle is firmly committed to doing so in all of its projects. The basic idea behind regulating such interventions is a general ban on the deterioration of nature and the landscape – and that is a good thing. If it is not possible to prevent an encroachment by means of targeted avoidance measures, Energiequelle implements landscape-management measures as an alternative, in accordance with the relevant guidelines (so-called compensation and substitution measures). These measures aim to compensate for the resulting impacts on nature and the landscape.

The type and extent of compensation depends on the respective impairment of nature and landscape. If, for example, the habitat of birds is impaired by the construction of a wind farm, targeted measures must be taken in order to create a new habitat for them.

The species protection of flora and fauna is a very important aspect of the Federal Nature Conservation Act. Species protection measures are to be taken to prevent or minimise the adverse effects on, for example, bat and bird species sensitive to wind energy.

The applicant for a construction project must submit all relevant documents, including those pertaining to the nature and severity of the planned intervention and the planned compensation measures, to the competent licensing authority on their own initiative. Interventions and compensation are deeply integrated into the overall concept and are therefore an important part of the building permit.

Energiequelle takes the impact mitigation regulation very seriously in all its complexity. In cooperation with the licensing authority, the responsible municipalities and the local population, we investigate and develop compensation options. In doing so, Energiequelle draws on the latest scientific findings and the know-how of its own experts. We believe that wind energy as an important pillar of renewable energies and environmental protection complement each other and are not in conflict.

Here you can find out more about our wetland restoration project in the community of Schwanewede:

I will be glad to advise you
Dr. René Krawczynski
Animal Ecologist

T +49 33769 871 380

I will be glad to advise you
Dirk Riebensahm

T +49 421 626 769 40

Wetland restoration

  • Creation of an own renewable energy supply
  • Cooperation with regional municipal utilities and municipal service providers
  • Search for regional or national funding programmes and their application
  • Negotiations with banks on financing
  • Integration of regional companies for optimum synergy effects
  • Mediation and reasoning with differing interest groups.


For 20 years now, Energiequelle has been offering partnership-based cooperation on an equal footing in the realisation of wind turbines. Our project partners benefit from our many years of expertise and the valuable industry relationships maintained by our company. We facilitate cooperation in all project phases and plan projects with you – at every stage.

Species protection

Thanks to the knowledge of our biologists and animal ecologists, we also help to safeguard birds of prey, such as sea eagles and red kites. For instance, we are participating in the special species protection programme of the Brandenburg State Forestry Corporation for the protection of raptors and are also working on new concepts, such as diversion feeding or pasturing.

In many respects, wind energy projects are characterised by the essential importance of good project management. As a manufacturer, we are very pleased to have found a business partner in Energiequelle who is able to handle such projects reliably. From our point of view, reliability, honesty and a high quality consciousness are not only wishful thinking, but always perceptible in the cooperation with Energiequelle. We are very grateful for that!



Hans-Dieter KettwigConsultant, Enercon GmbH


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