Three older turbines were replaced with two new turbines as part of the repowering project


Esterwegen, 6 November 2020. In Esterwegen, two new wind turbines were commissioned last week in the repowering project. Three Enercon E-58 turbines built in 2002 with a hub height of 70 metres and a generator output of 1 MW each have been replaced with two Enercon E-138 turbines with a hub height of 160 metres and an output of 4.2 MW each. The output of the farm will therefore be increased from 3 MW to 8.4 MW.

The operator of the turbines was and is Windpark Esterwegen GmbH & Co. KG, in which in addition to a large number of limited partners, Energiequelle Invest GmbH and Umwelt Management AG have a shareholding. As has been the case since the old turbines were commissioned in 2002, Energiequelle GmbH will be responsible for the technical management and Umwelt Management AG will continue with the commercial management.

In connection with the wind farm, the Energiequelle Foundation is donating a total of EUR 200,000 for charitable purposes. In addition, an electric charging station will be built in the car park of the town hall, which will be accessible to the public.

Christoph Hüntelmann, Community Mayor of Nordhümmling, and Hermann Willenborg, Mayor of Esterwegen, are delighted with the successful implementation of the project: “We are using state-of-the-art technology in Esterwegen and are thus making an important contribution to the energy revolution.” In future, the farm will supply approx. 5,500 households per year, and around 16,500 tonnes of CO2 saved.

A big inauguration ceremony was originally planned for September. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, however, this will be postponed until next spring. Successful commissioning is expected to be properly celebrated in April or May.

A time-lapse video of the construction of the turbines was created. This can be found from the 16th of november at


Photo: Esterwegen wind farm, from left to right: Hermann Willenborg (Mayor of Esterwegen), Christoph Hüntelmann (Community Mayor of Nordhümmling), André Frank (Construction Manager Energiequelle), Doreen Raschemann (Executive Board Energiequelle Foundation), Daniel Schütte (Project Manager Energiequelle), Uwe Conrad (Executive Board Operations Umwelt Management AG)


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