Partner for Fair Wind Energy, Thüringen

Energiequelle is a partner for “Fair Wind Energy” in Thuringia. The State of Thuringia aims to meet its own energy requirements of one hundred percent renewably sourced energy by 2040. To ensure that this vision is not only furthered but also implemented within the framework of transparent and fair guidelines, project developers can obtain certification from the wind energy service unit of the Thuringian Energy and GreenTech Agency (ThEGA). The Brandenburg-based project planning company Energiequelle, which completed a third wind farm in Thuringia at the end of 2016, was recently awarded the corresponding ThEGA seal of approval (GIBT ES HIER EIN UPDATE?; vielleicht ist es inzwischen das 4 oder 5. Windpark ??). An integral part of the certificate is a self-commitment to ThEGA’s guidelines for the fair expansion of wind energy in Thuringia. Among other things, these include a requirement that all stakeholders in the environment of a wind farm are to be involved during the entire project planning phase. “Ever since our company was established, it has been our ambition to deal fairly with all partners of a project in the sense of achieving full and comprehensive customer satisfaction. For this reason, we also support municipalities and communities from the outset in providing their citizens with transparent information. For us, the certificate s officializes a working philosophy that has always been part of our corporate culture,” says Managing Director Joachim Uecker.

CrefoZert for an excellent solvency

Since 2016, we have received CreforZert’s solvency certificate annually. As of 2020, we have even ranked in the category, “excellent solvency”, second-highest of nine possible rankings. The certificate is issued by the rating agency Creditreform, a leading German business solvency expert. The certification process is based on three steps, which include the solvency index, an analysis of annual balance as well as a personal interview. Within this framework, Energiequelle has consistently revealed an excellent solvency structure and fulfilled all certification requirements.

CrefoZert’s strict criteria are met by only approximately 1,7% of German businesses.

Operators’ Advisory Board, BWE

What is more, Energiequelle has been a recognised member of the advisory board of the German WindEnergy Association (BWE) since 2017. This honour is awarded under certain conditions for a high level of commitment to constructive participation in the Association’s advisory board.


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